AYTL is a pop-punk band currently based out of Southern MD but playing out in the northern parts of Maryland and soon venturing onto Virginia. We have released a full length album which can be found on all streaming sites. Our fan base is continually growing and we are pushing every day to make the music that you all love so much. We are so grateful for all of the support and love we have received from our fans and we look forward to the many more shows to come. 2017 had a lot of ups and downs but we never gave up and finished strong as ever. Here's to an amazing 2018!!!



The founder of this band, Chris Moreno, started up a cover band called Only1 in 2016. They played at local bars/restaurants and started to grow a fan base rather quickly . In the summer of 2017, the band started to shift focus onto original music rather than covers.

In September of 2017 we decided to change names to A Year Too Late to say goodbye to the cover band and say hello to the original band. Nearing the end of 2017, AYTL finished writing their LP and met our last goal for the year when we accepted a gig at Baltimore Soundstage. 2018 started off with a huge bang by releasing our first album to the public.


Meet the band

Chris Moreno

Chris has been singing since he was young and has learned over 20 instruments throughout his musical career. Music came naturally to Chris and he tried learning everything he could about it. In his early 20s he finally picked up a guitar and he’s been hooked ever since. He practiced non-stop until he decided he was good enough to start performing live and playing with other musicians. He ventured out to join some pop-punk bands over the next few years:

Tomorrow’s Past - lead singer

Haf’n’Haf - singer and guitarist

Holy Bajobly - guitarist

Chris then went through an EDM phase for awhile but eventually came back to pop-punk. In late 2016 he started up the band called Only1 which focused on cover shows around the Southern Maryland area. He was the guitarist and backup vocalist. His goal was to make pop-punk more prominent in this area which most often heard country or southern rock. It ended up being a huge hit. In the summer of 2017 he wanted to shift the band’s focus to original music. This also came with a new role for Chris as the lead singer. It took much convincing from the other musicians and crew members but he finally agreed that he would be the best fit for lead singer. He still held onto his role as guitarist though and this change up of roles has turned out to be a great decision.

During that same summer Chris accepted a job as sound technician for the band Gabe was in, WIP. After a few shows he was asked to start playing on their breaks to bring some more modern rock and pop-punk to the stage. This was always taken to very well by the crowd and it was a great way for Chris to practice different parts of playing/performing without the pressures of an original show. Being a sound technician also brought him much more experience that could be applied to recording and producing for AYTL.

Chris finished writing most of the first album by September and in celebration of achieving this we held a Basement Bash to transition from Only1 to A Year Too Late. Chris then went through a grueling three months of recording, editing and mastering the entire album. He had never produced music before so this was completely new to him but he was determined to finish the album by the end of 2017 to release to the public. This was a dream come true for Chris and he will continue to keep pushing with everything he has to further his music career.


Cliff Howell

Cliff bought his very first bass from a pawn shop while he was in middle school and proceeded to have jamming sessions with the music teacher quite frequently. He lost interest as he got older, however, until the late 90s when he decided to pick up a bass once again.

Cliff’s love of music continued to grow over the years but he never pursued it on a professional level until late 2016 when his coworker/friend, Chris, finally convinced him to step out of his comfort zone and join Only1. He joined the band a couple weeks before a large show was scheduled so he was asked to learn over 20 songs in that short time. With his new found determination to play music professionally, he learned every song and was ready in time for the big show.

Cliff has been devoted to this band ever since and has continued to increase his skills as a bassist. Although Cliff was reluctant to join a band in the beginning, he is now extremely glad he took the leap.


Layne Woodrum

Layne is the newest member of AYTL. She started singing in chorus when she was still in elementary school and continued on that path for several years. She learned to read and understand music theory through her classes and even competed in some chorus competitions. Although vocals were her strong point, Layne’s extended family did teach her how to play piano and guitar as well. Layne’s experience in chorus and positive influence from her family gave her a very large appreciation for all genres of music.

Despite her love of the arts, Layne’s shy personality kept her from pursuing music any further after high school. That is until mid 2017 when she became involved with AYTL in a supportive role and eventually started to open up more about her ability to sing. After much thought and discussion, she finally decided to take up the offer to tryout for AYTL as a backup vocalist. Shortly thereafter Layne became an official member and our fans went wild hearing her at the next big show. Joining this band has been an amazing life changing experience for Layne and she couldn’t be happier.